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Why Custom Framing?

One of the best reasons to custom frame your personal and well-loved works of art is that a professional picture framer has the skills and materials necessary to preserve and protect them as closely as possible to their original condition

Professional picture framers have the experience and skills required to use these materials to beautifully present your treasured items in a way that will not only enhance their appearance, but protect them for your enjoyment for years to come.

Additional, a professional framer has a well trained eye for choosing the right frame and mat to bring out the beauty in your art. By using well practiced guidelines a framer can produce a beautiful, well-balanced framing presentation that enhances the work of art without overpowering it.

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Featured Artist

Cheng Khee Chee

Cheng-Khee Chee, Associate Professor Emeritus of the University of Minnesota, is a Dolphin Fellow of the American Watercolor society, Master Watercolorist of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society, Allied Artists of America, Knickerbocker Artists USA, Singapore Watercolor Society, Watercolor USA Honor Society and others.
Chee was born in Fujian, China, grew up in Penang, Malaysia and received his B.A. degree from Nanyang University in Singapore. He came to the United Satates in 1962 and completed his Master's degree at the University of Minnesota. Since 1965 ha has been living in Duluth with his family and pursuing his studio work while working as a faculty member of the University of Minnesota, Duluth. He became a full time artist in July 1994. He is a frequently sought national show juror and workshop instuctor. Chee's paintings have been widely exhibited throughout the United States and earned him over 160 national awards.

Mark has a real flair when it comes to helping me pick out the perfect mat and frame. C.B. - Duluth, MN