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The Art of Framing

So, how does one start this process? Trust your framer! The Loose Moose Custom Framing & Gallery offers you innovative design ideas, attention to detail, experience and Award Winning Custom Framing. We also ask questions. Is this project for you or is this a gift for someone else. There are different ways to proceed depending upon the answer. Where do you plan to display this piece? What's your life style like? Do you prefer a formal, contemporary, casual or rustic look? Are there any particular colors or a style you prefer?

The Loose Moose has over one thousand frame samples from several vendors such as: Larson-Juhl, TCMoulding, and several others. At The Loose Moose we use only Crescent conservation, or museum quality mat boards. These are "acid-free" and ph balanced products. We stock regular picture framing glass but strongly recommend CONSERVATION GLASS which eliminates up to 98% of harmful UV rays that can damage your project. There are three styles to choose from. These are CONSERVATION CLEAR which is essential for preservation framing, CONSERVATION REFLECTION CONTROL a single sided etched non-glare glass and MUSEUM GLASS anti -reflective technology with amazing clarity. Check out the Framing segment of the web site and we'll go into further detail. You might just find something interesting for your project.

Featured Artist

Pam Dull

Pam grew up on the shores of Lake Superior. As a young girl, her parents encouraged her to paint. As Pam grew, so did her desire to bring her love of the outdoors alive on canvas. At age 14, Pam sold her first painting for $15. Pam has worked as an illustrator and graphic artist, specializing in medical illustration. She has illustrated various laboratory manuals and medical textbooks. Although basically a self-taught artist, Pam has trained privately with well-know artists and portrait Greg Johnson. Pam's photorealistic style, so necessary for medical illustration, shows in her paintings. Her basic medium is oil, although she has done watercolors in the past. Northern Minnesota settings are the background for many of Pam's paintings as well as the beautiful Duluth scenery she knows so well. Pam spends much of her time in her studio, busy with commissions, working on her next painting or teaching an oil painting class.

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Learning Center

Why Custom Framing?

One of the best reasons to custom frame your personal and well-loved works of art is that a professional picture framer has the skills and materials necessary to preserve and protect them as closely as possible to their original condition  Read More

What is Conservation Framing?

Put simply, Conservation Framing employs the use of materials that have been proven to protect and maintain art in as close to its original condition as possible.  Read More


 There's more to this than one may think. We help take the "guess work" out of framing your project. Click below to see what's involved.


The Loose Moose Custom Framing & Gallery is proud to feature these local and regional artists. Each of these talented artists have their own unique style.

Framed Samples

Check out some examples our work. Our award winning custom framing is a testament to our innovative design ideas, attention to detail and experience.

I really appreciate the care you take in planning out the piece, offering options and taking my taste into account. L.D. Duluth